Welcome to St. Dennis Church - Tridentine Rite Chapel


6:45 am Weekdays
8 am Saturdays
7:15 &10 am Sundays



30 min. before Mass
Saturday 11-noon
**and by appointment**


St. Dennis Church is a Traditional Latin Mass Community (SSPX) in Calgary, Alberta. Our priests only celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass. The church interior is designed and decorated in a traditional style to properly accommodate the Traditional Latin Rite exclusively. All public masses are celebrated at the High Altar facing the Tabernacle (ad orientem), allowing the Priest and People to pray in a common direction, emphasizing the mysteries of the Mass.  The Mass is said in Latin,  a ritual which is remained virtually unchanged since 400 A.D.  With 4 priests in residence, timely access to confessions is unparalleled.  Confessions are heard before every mass, on Saturday from 11-noon, and by private appointment with individual confessors.



Liturgy is at the core of the Church. It is God’s work: where the veil of the Temple is torn in two and God is present on the altar. It is where he pitches his tent among us, where he is truly present, where his glory-cloud hovers. It ought to be almost heart-stopping -- a conversion experience for anyone wobbling on the edge of the Church.  We offer daily Mass at 6:45 am, Saturdays at 8am, and 2 morning Masses on Sundays at 7:15 and 10am.

…The use of the Latin language prevailing in a great part of the Church affords at once an imposing sign of unity and an effective safeguard against the corruptions of true doctrine...

Sunday High  Mass

On Sundays at 10:00 am (September thru June) we celebrate the parochial mass with our Choirs, Gregorian Chant Schola, organ accompaniment & improvisation, and a trained guild of Altar Servers.  If you have never attended a 'High Mass', this may be the place to start.  The rituals and ceremonies range from simple to elaborate. Each movement and word is imbued with symbolism and meaning that is centuries (even milliennia) old.  The preaching seeks, above anything else, to instruct the faithful—the teaching is direct, and makes no attempt to water-down the Catholic Faith.

The High Mass is preceded by a public recitation of the Rosary at 9:00, confessions at 9:30, and begins promptly at 10am with a solemn procession &  sprinkling.  Plan to arrive early. Mass begins exactly on time.

Should a High Mass not fit in with your morning schedule or corporate worship preferences, you may still fulfill the Sunday obligation by attending an earlier Low Mass, celebrated at 7:15 am.  The Low Mass is spoken, less ceremonial [fewer servers and no incense], and there is no music.

Weekday Low Masses are said daily at 6:45 am and on Saturday at 8 am.  Confessions are heard before Mass as time allows.

If you are unfamiliar with the traditions of the Tridentine Latin Mass, please check out this page for some helpful suggestions.  If you are new to the church or just visiting, consider let one of the ushers know; upon request, they will gladly help you locate a Sunday missal and seat you beside a friendly, helpful parishioner who is familiar with the Traditional Mass.

St. John Bosco Private School

We operate an  Alberta-Education-accredited K-9 school, St. John Bosco Private School, which is open to all baptized Catholic children.  St. John Bosco is the only Traditional Private Catholic School in Calgary. Students are taught according to the Alberta Program of Studies in a traditional Catholic environment. Very reasonable tuition, qualified, friendly staff and an enviable Student-Staff ratio all combine to make St. John Bosco Private School an excellent alternative to the public system for a uniquely "capital-T" Traditional Catholic Education.  Supplementary information is available at the school website.  Mass is said Weekday Mornings at 6:45 am, and on Tuesdays/Thursdays at 11:30 AM (Schoolchildren & Teachers Only).

St. Dennis Church is located at 4718 Worcester Drive SW, Calgary, AB